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29 August 2013

Techmar UK 12 volt lighting systems


28 August 2013

Watford installation complete

IrriFence Limited

About Us

IrriFence Limited are UK market leaders in the design, installation, and support of automatic irrigation systems and all types of fencing systems. Our client list covers installations of all types and all sizes from modest systems to large-scale professional configurations.

Examples of existing installations include:

pop-up lawn sprinklers in action

IrriFence specialise in turn key projects, whether the client requires a borehole, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, lake and river extraction or mains water, through to underground tank installations and hard landscaping. Our abilities to provide solutions and cost effective results are second to none.

In addition our Security and Fencing division (SaFE) designs, installs and maintains a wide range of commercial and residential fencing systems throughout the UK.

We are also UK distributors for the innovative and stylish Techmar range of 'plug and play' garden lighting, which can be purchased from our online shop.

Professional planning
Professional planning is vital for reliable, effective systems. IrriFence's design team are highly qualified and make full use of the latest Computer Aided Design techniques to ensure precise irrigation. Only high quality components are specified, and any environmental impact is fully assessed.

Expert Installation
Installation is carried out by IrriFence's Operations Department in accordance with a detailed timetable and project plan. Our project managers and engineers have backgrounds in both water and electrical engineering. The latest technology is always used to minimise disruption and damage.

Unrivalled Service
IrriFence maintain over 2,000 irrigation systems in the UK, and have in place the infrastructure necessary for providing unrivalled service. Calls to our Call Centre are managed from initial logging through to problem resolution by modern call management systems, which also control the efficient deployment of IrriFence's national field engineering force.

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