This is the question we face most from our customers at this time of year and of course as you would expect we would always say YES! I just wanted to put down a few words to explain why it is so important. An Irrigation system is like any other mechanical operation. It has its own individual components, a pump, a control panel & solenoid valves. Although we always use the best quality equipment when fitting new irrigation systems, as we all know they can still go wrong! They are also a lot more likely to go wrong if they are not looked after or regularly inspected.

The best way to summarise our maintenance work for a system “start-up” would be comparing it to your cars service or MOT. It’s a good once over, making sure everything is working as it should and letting you know if something isn’t. As the majority of our systems are programed to run in the middle of the night, (so gardens receive the best watering available) problems often go under the radar. Very often these are small things that if noticed straight away can be fixed quickly and easily. At each start-up visit our engineers give your system a full test run through, inspecting each individual zone and water output on these zones. If your system does include a tank, pump or switchgear these also get a full once over and service. Our engineers will always flag up any improvements your system may need as well. Let say for instance, since the original installation, an area of your garden that has changed or the planting has become more established - we would be able to recommend how to change the system. Our priority is that you get the best results when watering and more importantly no water goes to waste.

Whether you have an existing irrigation system that wasn’t installed by IrriFence or one that was, to truly get the best out of your garden and its automatic watering, an annual Irrigation start up is a must.

If you have any questions on the maintenance services that we offer, please get in touch!

All the Best

James Allen
Sales Manager