Water Recyling

IrriFence can design and install all types of water recycling systems, to save water and most importantly money. We can incorporate water recycling to work alongside your irrigation system or to re-use for toilet flushing and washing machines, in the house.

We specialise in rainwater harvesting, borehole installations and lake/river extraction.

Rainwater Harvesting

IrriFence will design, supply and install a bespoke rainwater harvesting system, based on your roof size and annual rainfall figures for your area. Using this information, we can specify an appropriate sized underground tank, to provide free water for your garden or house. We can also supply above ground tanks either large 50,000 ltr tanks or small 100 ltr slimline tanks.

Boreholes & Lake/River extraction

Every UK resident is allowed, by law, to extract 20,000 litres of water out of the ground every day for free, with no licence required, providing the water is not used for commercial use.

Provide IrriFence with your post code and we will give you an estimated depth and cost of a potential borehole in your area, using the British Geological Society’s massive database.