Careful planning and selection of the right fencing can have a dramatic effect upon the appearance and ambience of a residential garden. Fencing should be not just functional and well installed, but also fully sympathetic to the internal and external environments of the site.

SaFE's expertise lies not just in providing fencing materials of the highest quality, erected to the highest standards, but also in giving advice (based on many years of professional experience) on the best type and size of fencing to use in any given situation, or in any given combination.

Typical types and styles of fencing supplied by SaFE include the following:

  • Close boarded
  • Wicker/woven
  • Trellis
  • Steel security
  • Feather edge
  • Wrought iron Bespoke

High quality gates (ornamental or security) can also be supplied in a range of colours and finishes.