The horticultural sector, including both DIY and grower organisations, are major users of automatic watering systems supplied by IrriFence. We have installed and maintain more irrigation systems in the DIY sector than any other company in the United Kingdom.

All garden centre or nursery watering systems will be custom designed by IrriFence's experts to suit individual circumstances. System components will be of the highest quality to cope with robust working conditions and future reconfiguration, and will be professionally installed by irrigation engineers experienced in the special needs of the horticultural industry. Typical applications include stock holding, centre rail, polytunnels, glasshouse, container stock, and arboretum.

Automatic feeding systems, special tanks, and pumps, together with other specialised equipment can be supplied and installed. Rugged irrigation control panels provide for watering cycles that are reliable and fully automatic. After sales service for the horticultural sector must be second-to-none, a fact fully appreciated by IrriFence's nationwide field engineering force.