Do you spend hours a day during the height of summer watering your garden by hand?

Are you tired of lugging a watering can or hose to every corner of your garden?

Count on the professionals at IrriFence to give your lawn and planting what they’ve been waiting for. With our help you will get an irrigation system expertly designed and professionally installed allowing you to get the lawn and garden you crave, all the while conserving water! With our perfectly positioned sprinkler placement the water only goes where the water is needed.Now that's how you save money AND the environment!

IrriFence will design an automatic garden irrigation system to efficiently water all areas of your garden and install it using vibratory mole ploughs and other specialist equipment to ensure minimal disturbance during installation and unobtrusive finished results.

Have a look at our residential video, to see how it’s done and what we offer -

Please contact our sales team on 01788 510601 or Email : to arrange your free site survey. Following this, one of our designers will visit your property, discuss your requirements and plan out your irrigation system. You will then receive a detailed ‘no obligation’ quotation, along with a proposed layout plan. Full details of our maintenance & services packages will also be provided.

Remember, we take on projects of any size, from modest town gardens to large stately homes.

Your system would normally include an automatic irrigation controller, mainline pipe work, control valves and pop-up sprinklers or drippers, depending on the area. The control panels are easy to set up and adjust if required. Rain sensors are normally installed as well,to automatically shut off and restart the system to suit ground conditions.

We can also now offer WIFI enabled controllers, which allow you to adjust and monitor your irrigation system from a smart phone or computer connected to the internet, anywhere in the world. We can also monitor your system, make adjustments or even programme your controller for you from our offices, if needed.

Examples of existing installations include:

  • Over 1000 domestic & residential gardens
  • Golf courses across Europe
  • Sports fields, including the Cardiff Millennium Stadium
  • Nurseries & garden centres, including B&Q, Homebase, Focus and Wyevale
  • Major landscape sites, including the Tate Gallery and Royal Household